FUCK religion.
fuck idiotic people who tell me my ideas on religion are Obviously Flawed because of course, i couldn't have decided ALMOST NINE YEARS AGO that christianity was bullshit, and i couldn't have researched and read dozens of books about the subject in the last five years, both with an atheistic slant and with a religious one, and have AMPLE evidence to back my opinions up.
but i'm not a preacher, of course, so saying i know more about christianity than most christians can't be true.

because they know so much about their own religion. see middle of article.
or this.

of course, the fact i won't sit there and quote every single scientific study, book, movie, or website i've ever seen and read to prove my point must mean i *don't* have one.

fuck people who tell me that christianity/religion is not the problem, certain people who follow it are.
yeah. sure.
so if homophobia and sexism and racism and slavery weren't supported in the bible, they would have gone away long before 2000 years had passed.
learn your fucking history. the bible has been used for years to justify horrible things because THE BIBLE EXPLICITLY APPROVES THOSE THINGS.

oh, and fuck people who say that it's still christianity when you pick and choose. you want to hate gays? fine.
don't have sex with your wife on her period - in fact, if you read the lovely timing in the OT, it's perfect to get her pregnant as often as possible.
make her stay away from all men for two weeks after she's given birth (i believe it's two weeks).
stone all women who don't scream when raped in an urban area - or sell them to the man who raped them.
don't wear clothes with two types of fiber.
marry your brother's widow, even if you already have a wife.
don't get tattoos or piercings.
have servants, and treat them as if they valued the same as your farm animals or your pets or your wife, because in the bible they're all on the same level.
treat anyone with a skin disease as unclean - i.e. exzema.
don't masturbate.

don't try to justify any of that shit to me. it was created - yes, CREATED, not divinely passed down - to codify the behaviors of the society it originated in, and to justify them. it is no more applicable to today than Mother Goose or the tales of Aristotle, and they contain much less violence, rape, misogyny, child abuse, murder, incest, racism, slavery, homophobia, and truly IRRATIONAL behaviors and ideas - and if you don't realize that all that is in the bible, don't come to me and claim to be a christian, because you obviously haven't read it.

that's just christianity.
as i don't have the ability to read the koran, i can't express my opinion on it - those being the two major world religions.

but i can say what's wrong with religion as a whole. however, i'd much rather refer anyone with the balls to try to say religion is worth anything to read this book, which is in full text on google books:

The God Delusion, by Richard Dawkins

because he does a much better job of dealing with the idiots out there than i ever could.


you probably don't want to read this, it's a pretty raw outpouring of all the shit that's been making me lose sleep this past week - it is not pretty nor polite nor will it make anyone happy, but i'm so frustrated that
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i don't know what to do other than... let it go, take a hot bath, try to get some energy back this weekend so i can deal with it monday, and keep it all boxed in like i've been doing :P


I'm getting the privilege of ripping something like ten of Chels' cds.

I feel like it's christmas.

Carowinds Saturday. Finally, out of town for a while. Finally. And I get to run about and do nothing for hours on end.

I wanted K with me; it's better to have buddies with you than family sometimes. But it seems like I'll have another weekend with the boys. That's okay, I feel like I deserve regression to my childhood, considering that I didn't have one. Haha.

Went to the tag office today. Fucking bitches. If you've ever been there, you understand. I haven't gotten that heady violent feeling in quite a while. It took a lot of restraint to not scream "Damnit, what the hell's taking you guys? Get off your asses and work!"

One lady actually picked up her phone - with six people in line - and called home to her family to chat for a few minutes. Then hung up, played with papers.

After a half an hour in one line, we were roughly told, "Wrong line. You'll need to go back and start over in the other line."

So that's my day so far.

Then I ran into Chels at the library. Some people are down on main, but... not my people.

today's interesting moments...

bought my new hiking boots. due to mast's wierd computer system, they were sold to me for only twenty dollars instead of the earlier price of twety-five. awesome.
ran into cam while walking down towards the library. he used me as a scapegoat (in his words). i argued about the meaning of the word, but... eh, i guess it works there.
we went to the library and then back up to main. hung for a few minutes with some of his buddies, including josh c's younger sis. blegh.
i don't like her one bit, nor does she like me, so it was kinda wierd sitting there with her glare. so i left.
now i'm down at black bear. drinking a 'mocha java pop coffee soda'. it tastes disgusting. and it cost two bucks. damnit.
haven't seen cheryl at all. i don't really know that she'll be here. she said yeah last night, but who knows - things change. and it's a bit later than i thought, so who knows.
anyway... cam just went back towards tempo, so in a few minutes, i'm gonna go down and get food at hot dog world. then i guess head back home.
i'd like to hang out w/ cam, since i haven't seen him in a while and i hate not seeing people - it leads to awkward conversations the next time you do see them, like seeing tim yesterday.
eh, ah well.
i don't care about anyone enough to suffer through that little bitch-girl's presence. blegh.

random thinking

Well, 12:40 and I'm thinking too much to sleep. Really hope Kay can convince her parents into letting her hike.
I know we can do it, and I know it'd be fun. It's just a matter of convincing the parents involved that we won't die off in the woods somewhere.
As long as the basic safety requirements are taken care of, I think both hers and mine will be fine with it.
Though of an easy way to determine when we reach the top of that first big bend in the trail, the one that marks the end of the first day. There's a big directional change. Compass (Kay's idea) would mean we could then realize we were going north and a bit east for about a half-mile, as opposed to west with a bit south.
Genius. Probably can do that for most of the trail, if we pay attention to the map and find distinctive variations in sections.
If her parents don't approve, and there's no possible way to convince them... I think mom'd be a bit shy of letting me do it alone, no matter what she says to my face. I understand the paranoia, but that would suck.
Anyway, it's necessary to get ready now if I'm going to do the Appalachian Trail (in pieces, of course). Thinking of finishing a month's worth of it next summer, if I get the money saved up. It'll depend on how work goes.
My legs were fine, though, from Coon Dog Loop on Saturday.
My sunburn hurts and it's beginning to itch in odd spots. God, I hate being white (kidding). I AM SUNBURNT ON MY EYELIDS. That's a painful one.
Also, when I email her tomorrow, I'm going to tell her the cargo shorts idea.

Writer's Block: Choose a Power

If you could have the power to fly, be invisible, or teleport anywhere, which would you choose?

I'd fly.
I dream about being able to fly about every week.
As a matter of fact, I did again last night.
In my dreams, though, I don't really fly. I jump, just right, and... I guess almost swim upwards? Then I'm airborne and I float, about twenty feet in the air, for a few minutes.
It's really cool in my dreams, but I haven't managed to get it to work yet in real life (kidding).
I suppose in zero gravity, it'd work. Maybe a denser atmosphere, where it was more like we were in a liquid.
And that's my thought for the day.


i'm changing my pass on here, because there was a comment up that i don't remember leaving... on an entry of my own.

kinda freaks me out.

i haves a laptop. i am so freakin happy, it's impossible to write.


um.... beyond that.... i miss everyone. school's out and everyone's off somewhere, which means i don't see my buddies.

love ya guys.

quick update...

wow, it's been forever...

kay and i are fine again, which is good.

*says hey to miranda...*

love to all. will try to update later with some of the news of late, but i need to not use this computer for a long time or the nice lady from the coffeshop will be annoyed.

adios/au revoir.